BYCCMeeting Minutes

Meeting of the BYCC Management Committee

Held on Monday 3rd June at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre following the AGM

Present: Bill Bristow (Chairman), Carl Johnston (Treasurer), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Nigel Maclean, Tina Bishop, Keith Cook and Bryan Jones

Also present: Sarah Portwine

  1. Apologies for absence

Bryony Davies, Steve Warburton, Michael Murwill and Ray Widger

  • Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed.

  • Treasurer’s Report

April and May accounts for BYCC and CIC have been emailed to trustees. Largest expenditure for BYCC is insurance at around £1000. CIC still requires management fees from BYCC.

  • Staffing and volunteers

Maisie Parker has applied for the position of part time bar staff on zero hour’s contract, she is experienced and local, also flexible about hours.

RESOLVED: Maisie Parker will be employed on zero hours contract to work in the bar when required.

Kayla Powley requires P45 which Treasurer will email to Centre Manager to forward on.

  • Hall Floor – Awards For All

Centre Manger would like the committee to apply for Awards For All grant from the National Lottery to pay for a new hall floor. This can be applied for once additional funding has been sought from fundraising and potential Parish Council grant to support the application.

  • Bembridge Summer Festival

Saturday 22nd June – 2 – 6pm

Centre Manager would like some A boards to help direct people to the car park more clearly. Quote has been received for £250 for one A board. Tina Bishop will ask her husband to make something the centre can use. Bill Bristow suggested contacting Isle of Wight radio to help advertise the event and flyers going in the newspapers delivered by Lane End Welcome store.

  • Any other business

Nigel Mclean – suggested fundraising by working with sports teams on events.

Tina Bishop – previous discussion about fundraising from outdoor cinema, could this be looked at again? Discussion was has about issues with access to the park and ticketing.

Keith Cook – happy to donate old swing board for parking sign at summer festival.

Sarah Portwine – would like to suggest increasing hourly hall hire to £15 per hour as of 1st July. Most classes use the hall for longer than one hour and some use storage.

RESOLVED: Hourly hire of the BYCC hall will be increased to £15 per hour as of 1st July 2019.

Bryan Jones – online entry for races would be more efficient and entry fee can be increased to absorb any fees. Runners can also register on the day.

RESOLVED: Bryan Jones will set up online registration for BYCC running events.

  • Date of next meeting