BYCCMeeting Minutes

Minutes of the BYCC Management Committee meeting held Monday 28th January 2018 at Bembridge Youth & Community Centre from 7.30pm

Present: Bill Bristow (Chairman )  Carl Johnston (Treasurer)  Diane Portwine (Secretary)

Tina Bishop, Keith Cook,  Bryan Jones, Shelia Weedall and Sally Pigot.

  1. Apologies for absence.

Bryony Davies.  Michael Murwill. Steve Warburton. Richard Weaver. Sarah Portwine.

  •  Approval of the minutes from the last meeting.

Minutes approved and signed.

  • Treasurers Report.

BYCC bank balance end of December 2018 figures £33,742

A discussion was had concerning the CIC bank balance.  End of December 2018 figures £2,946.  RESOLVED. The Treasurer would transfer funds from the BYCC up to £2,000 (if required) to prevent a negative balance.

Concern over higher electric bills was discussed. We are on the lowest tariff.  The centre has used more now where heating is needed e.g. Yoga.  Also the BYCC is all electric (no gas).

  • Hall Floor.

The hall floor is in need of replacement. The committee inspected the hall floor.  This floor was laid in 2005.  A new sprung floor is not an option as this would be a lot higher.

Sarah Portwine (Centre Manager) met with three companies to discuss the options and costs.

NSR Flooring.  £6,200 includes VAT    Take away old floor. Apply new screed and primer and replace floor.  Hall to be closed for one week.

Goldman Harris.     £2,160.06 includes VAT and primer. Floor materials.    £11,514.83 includes VAT.  Not able to take away old flooring.

Shawn Watlans.  £4.495.00  plus VAT  no discussion concerning screed or removable.

RESOLVED: NSR Flooring would do the work, when required.  Diane Portwine to check if the BYCC are covered on the insurance.  Apply to Bembridge Parish Council to see if we qualify for the parish asset grant of £1,000. Investigate other grants that could be available.

  • Events 2019

02/02/19              Race Night                                                         

22/06/19              Summer Festival

28/07/19              Festival Sport includes run                          

26/10/19              Halloween Party

01/11/19              Fireworks Night                                                                01/12/19              Christmas Fair

15/12/19              Soup Run

A discussion was had concerning the New Year Eve Party. With attendance down again in 2018 and the cost of the DJ £250. RESOLVED not to hold a New Year Eve Party 2019.

  • Any other business

The art class have requested 5 more tables due to a waiting list.  The cost per table is £100.

The BYCC do not require any more tables at this time plus there could be an issue with storage. RESOLVED: No new tables at this time

  • Date of next meeting

To be confirmed. Monday/Wednesday evening in March.