BYCCMeeting Minutes

Meeting of the BYCC Management Committee

Held on Monday 25th November at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7:30pm

Present: Bill Bristow (Chairman), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Steve Warburton, Michael Murwill, Tina Bishop, Keith Cook, Bryan Jones, Nigel Mclean and Ray Widger

Also present: Sarah Portwine

  1. Apologies for absence

Bryony Davies and Carl Johnston

  • Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report

BYCC and CIC combined have approximately £18,000 after uncleared items are paid. BYCC has paid a monthly management fee to the CIC when it has insufficient funds, in October this was £1500. Recent BYCC expenditures include new water heater in kitchen (£232.54), PRS/PPL licence fee (£282.74), Fireworks insurance (£208.54), 2 replacement door locks (£305). In November the final fireworks payment will be due for £1350.

The CIC is struggling, current bar hours are Tuesday evenings for RNLI, Wednesday evenings in petanque season which runs from April until October, Friday evenings, Saturdays for youth football training in the mornings and senior football matches in the afternoon. The bar is only opening on a Saturday evening if there is a function booked. A discussion was had about additional opening hours and the need for more events to generate revenue for the CIC.

  • Fireworks Night

Fireworks night had a disappointing turnout due to bad weather. Approximate cost of this event:

Fireworks £1500

Insurance £208

SIA £60

First Aid £60

Bins £30

Food £413.48

Total cost: £2271.48

Income from fireworks night:

Food and hot drinks £344

Stalls £65

Donation buckets £630.60

Village Partnership £500

Total income: £1539.60

As the event resulted in a loss for the centre the committee discussed if they wished to continue organising the event or if it should be handed back to the Parish Council. Overall agreement that the BYCC should continue with the event. Ray Widger suggested silent fireworks but this was unanimously disagreed. Tina Bishop noted that people were less generous with their donations on the night. Diane Portwine felt that had the weather been fair then food sales would have generated a good profit. Michael Murwill suggested approaching businesses for sponsorship which he and Nigel Mclean would be happy to look in to. The committee also discussed the contribution of the Parish Council and the need for additional support.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will meet with the Parish Council Chairman and Clerk to discuss additional support from the council for this event.

  • Events 2020

Dates for the diary:

Bembridge Summer Festival – Saturday 20th June

Festival of Sport/Trail 5 – Sunday 2nd August

Halloween Horror – Saturday 31st October

Bembridge Fireworks Night – Friday 6th November

  • Any other business

Keith Cook – Discussion of Christmas Fair details for Sunday 1st December. Tina Bishop to be Santa’s elf helper.

Steve Warburton – Discussion about Pet/Dog Festival as an additional event for the BYCC.

Bryan Jones – Soup Run is on Sunday 15th December, a few volunteers are needed to marshal. Bembridge Building Supplies are sponsoring this event and Bryan has ordered mugs. There will also be a raffle and each runner has soup and a roll when they finish.

  • Date of next meeting

To be confirmed