BYCCMeeting Minutes

Meeting of the BYCC Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 20th March at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7:30pm

Present: Bill Bristow (Chairman), Carl Johnston (Treasurer), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Steve Warburton, Michael Murwill, Tina Bishop, Sheila Weedall and Keith Cook

Also present: Sarah Portwine

  1. Apologies for absence

Bryony Davies, Bryan Jones and Richard Weaver.

Sally Pigot has emailed resignation, committee agreed to send flowers by way of thanks for her volunteering efforts at the BYCC.

  • Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed.

  • Treasurer’s Report

February 2019 – BYCC account shows a profit of approximately £530 for the month having paid Wightfire, BT and a petty cash top up. CIC account shows a loss of approximately £1000 for the month. All wages are paid by CIC and Treasurer predicts a quiet month for the CIC in March. Expenditure in March for the BYCC includes fireworks invoice of £1350 and electricity costs of approximately £700. Treasurer is continuing to have an ongoing dispute with PRS/PPL.

Both accounts totalling approximately £34,500 (£10,000 in restricted funds for MUGA) and Treasurer predicts year end will show overall loss of approximately £4000 considering architects costs of approximately £2500 in 2018/19 and increase of centre manager’s wages.

  • Staffing and volunteers

A bank of volunteers and/or staff is required to cover the bar when the centre manager is absent. Hours will be inconsistent which can cause problems finding staff and volunteers are in short supply.

RESOLVED: Steve Warburton will write a job advert for online/community TV.

  • MUGA

Land application still with property services at Isle of Wight Council.

  • Bembridge Summer Festival

Saturday 22nd June – 2pm until 6pm

Arena entertainment will include Greatest Show performance, Haven Falconry, Circus Skills Workshop and Fun Dog Show.

There will be the usual inflatables, stalls, art exhibition and IOW Donkey Sanctuary will be joining us again. Local business The Spinnaker will be hot food catering outside with hot drinks and cream teas being sold from BYCC kitchen. Bar will be open as usual.

  • Any other business

Sheila Weedall requested a copy of the CIC constitution to check changes referring to trustee insurance. Cllr Weedall has also provided walking ideas to the centre manager as a possible future family event for the centre.

Sarah Portwine requested Keith Cook purchase replacement defibrillator pads.

  • Date of next meeting

To be confirmed as this will be the AGM.