Annual General Meeting

Held on Monday 4th June 2018 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7.30pm            

Present: Bryony Davies (Vice Chairman) Carl Johnston (Treasurer) Diane Portwine (Secretary)

Sheila Weedall, Michael Murwill, Tina Bishop, Keith Cook, Bryan Jones, Sally Pigot

  1. Opening remarks and welcome – Chairman’s report.

The Chairman Bill Bristow could not attend the meeting. There was not a Chairman’s

Report. Vice Chairman (Bryony Davies) welcomed everyone to the AGM and Chaired the meeting.

  •  Apologies for absence.

Bill Bristow (Chairman) Steve Warburton. Richard Weaver. Sarah Portwine (BYCC Manager)

  • Approval of Annual General Meeting minutes 2017.

Minutes approved. Signed by Bryony Davies (Vice Chairman)

  • To receive and consider the accounts of the year April 2017 – March 2018

CIC Accounts

Turnover for the year increased 9% from £40,255 to £43,910 reflecting a good performance from the bar income and also the increased number of functions serviced by the bar.  There was also a small price increase put through earlier in the year. overall loss in the year at £783 (2017 £612) which is acceptable as the CIC operates to contribute to the funding of the BYCC so is always targeting breakeven as an overall target which it achieved with a less than 2% margin in error.

The good increase in CIC turnover was offset by the increased direct cost of sales for the bar which increased 18% overall.  An element of this was due to the introduction of food costs associated with non BYCC supported functions being included as part of CIC costs this year.

The other main cost increase was the staff costs as the wage bill increased in the year by 11% following a pay increase was implemented in the last quarter of the year.  There was also the introduction of staff pension costs in the year for the first time so there was also an element of increase which related to this.  The CIC will also continue to try and grow with the promotion of more activities and functions over the coming year.

Bar price increases in combination with increased volume of activity for the bar in functions should help to alleviate the impact of any further supplier price increases and help absorb the increased staff costs through 2018/19.

BYCC Accounts.

Total income for the BYCC in the year stood at £19,331 with a total expenditure of £16,089, so an overall increase in funds of £3,242 which was a good performance given that the bulk of income nearly £8,000 was generated from regular activity hirers of the BYCC centre hall.  So if these hirers continue with their activities in the next year and with an increased hire fee there is a good base to build on for 2018/19.

In terms of special events for the community of Bembridge Summer Festival, the Festival of Sport and the Bembridge Fireworks in 2017 saw nett income between them of £,1647 not including the bar sales of CIC.  So established community events continued to support themselves admirably.  Overall income for the year further boosted by the generous by the Sewell estate of £10,000 which is to go towards the proposed MUDA which the BYCC is planning to install in Steyne Park and will be another positive revenue generator once complete.  These funds however are restricted as to their use so are not included in the £19,331 the BYCC generated in its own right.

In terms of running costs for the BYCC the biggest in the year was the heat and lighting which represented some 21% of the total costs 2017/18, although the prolonged cold weather may have been a contributory factor to some degree.

It is also case for 2018/19 we are on a new contract with our existing supplier EON as the prior 3-year fixed price contract expired.  It is hoped that a combination of having previously invested in energy efficiency items such as LED lighting throughout, remote heating control and the closure of the bar on Sunday evenings may help to offset some of the increased tariff on the new contract so we will need to monitor it.

In conclusion, both BYCC and CIC have manged to again maintain themselves and have grown but had increased costs which have left us about level overall against 2017/18.  We will need to be wary of the key cost implications mentioned in each, but 2018/19 will be another busy year I suspect.

5. CIC Report.

With the absence of Steve Warburton (director CIC and Sarah Portwine line manager) his report was read out by Bryony Davies (Vice Chairman).

As Director of the CIC I am pleased to present my report on the trading year 2017/18.

We again continued to provide and operate a friendly affordable option, in an ever-increasing competitive village.  With a lot of hard work and effort by everyone involved.

We have a strong and energized committee, who have again gone way beyond what would be expected. I would like to thank everyone for their support, ideas and hard work during the past year.

Main Points.

  1. Operating Profit – We are still making enough profit to make the CIC operate in the black, but due to significant payroll increases and increases in Auto enrolment costs we need to make a much larger trading profit to maintain our historical figures.  These extra costs have been put in place to bring us in line with market rates and to ensure we secure the essential services of Sarah Portwine for the benefit of the CIC.  I believe we can continue to operate successfully with a strong committee and the continuation of new projects and events with Sarah’s continued excellent stewardship.
  2. New Events – We had some great new events in the last year including the Trial run and Soup run.  These new events are vital to keep the CIC operating to its potential.  Other possible upcoming events are Party/Prosecco in the park and a live music event is also in the planning stage.
  3. I believe we need to publicise the CIC bar, by using every free social media channel that is relevant.  We do not use this enough and we have almost a secret treasure that we keep under a blanket.  We need to put in front of potential income streams.  We need to setup a weekly advertising/awareness campaign and really push the CIC, for private parties and other profitable functions.  Not just a now again approach.  The next year will see some a major shift up in the activities of the CIC, and it is fair to say that I have had less time to spend in the past year as a Director, Committee member and a Sarah’s line manager.  I believe that due to new business commitments that I will have even less time in the future.  I therefore feel that I should step back from my 3 roles here and allow someone from the now very strong committee to step forward who can devote more time and care to this great cause.  To help and support Sarah more with the bar operating profits and issues.

I am with sadness informing you that from December 4th (6 months) that I will be resigning from my 3 roles at BYCC and the CIC.

I will however continue to support this great cause on a commercial basis and will always support and help in any way I can.  I feel that with someone new taking over my roles, the CIC will move up to the next level. I have enjoyed my 4 years very much, and learnt a lot.  Thank you again to everyone over the past 4 years who has put their free time into making the CIC the success that it is.   Steve Warburton.

 6. Elections of Officers

  Diane Portwine proposed a block vote to elect offices to the BYCC      Management Committee.  Seconded by Tina Bishop.

RESOLVED; Bill Bristow (Chairman) Bryony Davies (Vice Chairman) Carl Johnston (Treasurer) Diane Portwine (Secretary) were unanimously elected as officers to the BYCC Management committee.

7. Election of Trustees.

Diane Portwine proposed a block vote to elect trustees to the BYCC Management  Committee.  Seconded by Sheila Weedall.

RESOLVED: Bill Bristow, Bryony Davies, Carl Johnston, Diane Portwine, Steve Warburton, Richard Weaver, Sheila Weedall, Keith Cook, Bryan Jones, Tina Bishop, Sally Pigot, Michael Murwill were unanimously elected as Trustees to the BYCC Management Committee.

8.  Questions from the public


9.  Date of the next Annual General Meeting.

     June 2019   Day and time to be confirmed