BYCCMeeting Minutes

Meeting of the BYCC Management Committee

Held on Monday 30th April 2018 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7:30pm

Present: Bryony Davies (Vice Chairman), Carl Johnston (Treasurer), Tina Bishop, Sheila Weedall, Keith Cook and Bryan Jones.

Also present: Sarah Portwine

  1. Apologies for absence

Michael Murwill, Diane Portwine, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow and Richard Weaver

  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The CIC had a low turnover of only £950 in March, first three months of 2018 there have only been 3 evening bookings (one without bar) and 2 events (Race Night and Quiz Night). If this is the same as the previous year need to look at events for this period to boost turnover of bar. The BYCC received a donation of £10,000 in March to be used specifically for the MUGA project. High heating bills have been due to snow and general bad weather so far this year. Tap had to be replaced in disabled toilet and TV license renewed.

The BYCC finished 2017/18 with £31, 241 and the CIC with £7,681.

Accountant Klark Phelan received the accounts on 15th April.

The treasurer will look into refund from HMRC for fines that shouldn’t have been issued.

Hopefully PRS and PPL merger will carry over the credit note from PPL received last year.

  1. Events 2018

Sarah Portwine requested approval for the following payments for Bembridge Summer Festival:

Star Wars interactive arena show £150

Haven Falconry £100

Ryde Extreme Performers Circus Skills Workshop in arena £100

Captain America and Princess Belle meet and greet/photos £120

RESOLVED: £470 for performers at Bembridge Summer Festival as listed above.

A discussion was had about incorporating children’s races in Steyne Park for the Festival of Sport. Bembridge Trail 5 will begin at 11am with prize giving around 1pm. Children’s race could start after all adult runners finish. Distance around park for race 1km with a track 2m wide marked out with white lines. Open to all ‘Kids Fun Run’ for children under 14 years.

Fireworks Night could incorporate an outside bar if there are enough volunteers to run it. Discussion was had about potential earnings, volunteers and logistics of putting a bar on the petanque terrain for this event.

Sarah Portwine has been approached by Big Screen Media about putting on a Drive In Cinema event in Steyne Park. A discussion was had about cost, dates and feasibility.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will post on Bembridge Community Noticeboard Facebook page for feedback on this idea.

  1. Extension Plans

Sarah Portwine circulated the extension plans submitted by architect Matthew Jones for discussion. The current plans overlap with the proposed MUGA so this will need to be altered. The entrance lobby being in front of the kitchen could cause a problem if there were events in both halls and access to the kitchen is required particularly if BYCC is catering for a function? Could another entrance be added to the front of the sports hall for direct access?

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will contact the architect with the suggested alterations to the extension plans.

  1. Any other business

Sarah Portwine requested permission to email the Parish Council Clerk regarding the proposal to site the Men In Sheds porta cabin opposite the BYCC front entrance, as discussed by the Parish Council at their full council meeting on 17th April. The concern is the aesthetics of this for potential hirers and possible access issues.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will write to the Parish Council Clerk on behalf of the BYCC committee to object to the proposed site of the Men In Sheds porta cabin opposite the BYCC entrance.

Sarah Portwine had a meeting with the Parish Council Clerk on 25th April to discuss the MUGA project. Hoping to apply for a Community Asset grant from Sport England but this will require a degree of match funding as that appears to be the criteria. The BYCC has £10,000 gifted by Barbara Tomlinson and it has been proposed that the BYCC need to contribute funds. The Steyne Park Project may be able to contribute and sponsorship could also be sought.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will email all BYCC management committee members for approval of the proposed amount of £5,000 from the BYCC for the MUGA project.

Bryony Davies has investigated the VAT implications for the Fields of Sound Festival in 2019 and it appears that it would be an exempt activity. A business plan will also be straightforward for this project. Keith Cook asked if a security shutter quote has been obtained for the proposed additional window in the lounge. Frontrunner quoted £1195 + VAT for the security shutter. Window quotes vary from £720 + VAT (just window) up to £2,320.13 inc. VAT. This could be included on the extension plans.

  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 4th June at 7:30pm in the lounge – AGM