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Meeting of the BYCC Management Committee

Held on Monday 5th June 2017 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 8:15pm

Present: Bill Bristow (Chairman), Bryony Davies (Vice Chairman), Carl Johnston (Treasurer), Di Portwine (Secretary), Bryan Jones, Michael Murwill, Richard Weaver, Steve Warburton, Sally Pigot, Tina Bishop and Keith Cook.

Also present: Theresa Martin and Sarah Portwine

  1. Apologies for absence

Grant Stillman

  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

In the February meeting, the committee agreed to sponsor Bembridge Youth Football Club, Sarah Portwine proposed that the BYCC sponsor a new kit for the Under 8’s and a new kit for Bembridge Football Club’s first team. Last year the BYCC sponsored Bembridge Football Club £600 which went towards pitch fees and equipment, a new kit for the first team will be £500 and have BYCC on the kit so good advertising for the centre. A new kit for the Under 8’s will be approximately £150 and also have BYCC printed on it. A discussion was had about the advertising benefits of sponsoring kits.

RESOLVED: The BYCC will sponsor Bembridge Football Club’s first team kit at a cost of £500.

RESOLVED: The BYCC will sponsor Bembridge Youth Football Club’s Under 8’s kit at a cost of approximately £150.

Sarah Portwine reported that she is now Secretary of Bembridge Football Club and the Steyne Park Project committee are working with Bembridge Youth Football Club in terms of new storage and spectator facilities. Michael Murwill is also working with them to secure new sponsorship. Bryony Davies raised the question of polo shirts or jackets for the petanque teams but requirements need to be ascertained.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The CIC closing balance for May was £9843 and £19,282 for the BYCC. Expenses for May included insurance payments of £1120, Etiquette Security, St John Ambulance event first aid and replacement light switches and taps. The CIC had a fine from Companies House for £100 for the period 1st – 31st March 2016; Klark Phelan needs to speak to them to make sure it doesn’t happen again. At the end of May the PayPal balance was £650.

  1. 5 Year Plan

Sarah Portwine and Diane Portwine had a meeting with architect Matt Jones to discuss the plans for the community centre. Matt has recommended that the extension be a separate building attached to the BYCC by a small corridor. The extension will be a dedicated sports hall with storage and changing room facilities, incorporating 2 badminton courts, netball, basketball and 5 a side football. The storage area will be large enough to enable the removal of existing storage cupboards in the current hall thereby increasing the size of the hall. The floor in the current hall would ideally be replaced, the kitchen area could be enlarged and an additional window installed in the lounge. Even minor alterations to the existing building can be costly so it was felt that these should be kept to a minimum so more money can be put into the extension. Matt Jones will produce a first draft of plans which will be presented to the committee when received. Sarah Portwine is Chairman of the Steyne Park Project and has discussed the BYCC 5 year plan with their committee. They will be looking into removal of the hedge that divides the two fields and the drainage ditch under that hedge. Part of the hedge will have to be removed when the extension is built. A discussion was had about installing another window in the lounge, it was also suggested that this could be doors instead. The window would be the same size as the existing larger window and would need a security shutter. This would improve the lounge bar with additional light and viewing area for petanque and the park.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will obtain 3 quotes for the supply and fit of a window in the lounge.

  1. Any other business

Bryan Jones outlined plans for the 5 Mile Trail Run to be held as part of the Festival of Sport on Sunday 2nd July. The run is mostly cross country, there will be medals for all participants and trophies for men’s, women’s and junior’s winners. Ryde Harriers have been very helpful; they are lending us road signs and assisting with this event. Approximately 30 stewards are required.

Tina Bishop asked why the BYCC was not open for the Ford car event held on Sunday 21st May. Sarah Portwine explained that she spoke to the organiser, Leanne Morris, who stated that they had food and drinks vendors at the event and they would be giving the proceeds to BYCC. After the event the organiser chose to give the proceeds to another charity. Organiser gave the impression that they did not want the centre open as they had vendors for the day but happy to open the centre for this event if it is held in Steyne Park again next year.

Sarah Portwine reported that plans for the Summer Festival are going well, there will be a fire show, Haven Falconry, Starlight Dance, the Dog Show and Richard Weaver will be DJing on the terrace for the afternoon. Probably won’t have as many games stalls this year, just the Grand Prize Draw and Hook a Duck.

Sarah Portwine reported that John Osborn from Community Action Wight appears to no longer be available to assist with the website. She has been recommended Chris Court Associates who can overhaul the website for free but the software for updating the site would be £110 per year. Committee members Bryony Davies and Richard Weaver recommended Wight Computers Ltd, run by Andrew Norburch who is a member of one of the petanque teams.

Sarah Portwine proposed changing from BT to Wight Wireless as the phone and broadband provider. Wight Wireless can increase broadband speed and offer a saving of approximately £40 per year.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will instruct Wight Wireless to take over the phone and broadband service at the BYCC.

Bill Bristow was recently contacted by Toby Eaglen regarding starting a community drop in club for people on their own or who may be vulnerable in the village. Toby Eaglen works for the IOW Council and has previously set up clubs in the village. The BYCC will host this club once a month, starting on 12th July 2pm – 3:30pm. Toby will run the sessions, providing tea and cakes and hosting a quiz. The BYCC will not charge for the hire of the lounge and Toby is willing to give any proceeds to the centre.

  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 26th June 2017 at 7:30pm in the lounge bar.