BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the BYCC Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 8th February 2017 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Theresa Martin (Chairman), Keith Cook (Vice Chairman), Carl Johnston (Treasurer), Di Portwine (Secretary), Bill Bristow, Sally Pigot, Tina Bishop and Sarah Portwine


  1. Apologies for absence

Bryan Jones, Bryony Davies and Steve Warburton

Mike Stilgoe has emailed his resignation to Sarah Portwine

  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Starlight Dance has paid all outstanding invoices as well as their February invoice having met with Sarah Portwine and been issued with new terms and conditions of hire. The new terms and conditions state that all invoices must be paid in advance or no hiring will take place.

Sarah Portwine has researched the cost of setting up a Carnival in Bembridge and has concluded that it will be too expensive and require too many volunteers so it is not something that the BYCC will pursue.

Bembridge Christmas Fair was quieter than usual, still successful but Island Roads commenced road works at the car park entrance the day before so this may have contributed to the low turnout.

Sarah Portwine is continuing to look into the feasibility of a Fun Run in July.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

January has been a quiet month for the BYCC which paid a number of invoices including E-on (two months), Wightfire, Firstmech, BT, payroll charges, SIA staff bill for December and Bembridge Football Club. This left the BYCC in a loss for January and finishing the month with approximately £18,474 in the bank. The CIC took just under £2650 in January and finished the month with approximately £8797 in the bank. A discussion was had about looking into alternative electricity suppliers.

  1. 5 Year Plan

Sarah Portwine has received the survey from the architect and is awaiting a meeting date to discuss the plans.

  1. Any other business

Having read the minutes of the last meeting of the Village Partnership Sarah Portwine noted that they have allocated a £500 donation for fireworks night in 2017 and asked their Chairman, Bill Bristow, to confirm this which he did.

Sarah Portwine reported that Bembridge Youth Football Club will be seeking sponsorship for the 2017/18 season and asked the committee if the BYCC would be willing to be a sponsor. The committee discussed their ongoing support for Bembridge Football Club as a whole.

RESOLVED: BYCC will sponsor Bembridge Youth Football Club for the 2017/18 season with an amount to be decided nearer the start of the season.

Sarah Portwine reported that she is in the process of organising events for 2017 and asked the committee to note the following dates:

Sunday 2nd July – Festival of Sport (hopefully to include the Fun Run)

Saturday 8th July – Bembridge Summer Festival

  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 29th March 2017 at 7pm in the lounge bar.