AGM Minutes 25th May 2016




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Annual General Meeting

Held on Wednesday 25th May 2016 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Theresa Martin (Chairman), Keith Cook (Vice Chairman), Carl Johnston (Treasurer), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow, Mike Stilgoe, Steve Warburton and Bryan Jones.

Also present: Sarah Portwine

  1. Opening remarks and welcome – Chairman’s report

Chairman Theresa Martin welcomed everyone to the AGM and read the following report:

‘In 2015 we embarked upon our 5 year plan to increase the facilities at the BYCC. We conducted a survey in the local area to ascertain what was needed. Currently we are in the process of choosing an architect to design the new build and are looking at ways of funding the project. Our petanque team enjoyed a good season hosting on their new terrain which was completed last May and we wish them all the best for the current season as it gets under way. We also have the Bembridge Shotokan Karate Club which is a successful and growing part of the BYCC. Last summer we also ran football training for children in the holidays.

In September last year, Keith Cook organised the housing of a defibrillator at the BYCC for use when the centre is open. It is positioned in the entrance to the hall and we have trained several people in its use. We have replaced outside lighting and signage, generally enhancing the overall appearance of the building. We have introduced a card payment system and repaired or replaced faulty appliances and equipment, the latest addition has been a new glasswasher for the bar.

Hall hire for classes is on the increase as is hall hire for private functions. The RNLI use the lounge bar to meet after training every Tuesday night and we appreciate their loyalty. Last year’s main events were Bembridge Summer Festival, Halloween Horror and the Bembridge Christmas event; these were well attended and enjoyed by all. We also had the best New Year’s Eve Party since the bar has been operating. We have hired numerous bands over the year and these evenings are becoming better attended all the time as local people are becoming more aware of our function nights. Forthcoming events can be found on our web page or Facebook. The CIC and the BYCC have become very successful, making a profit over the last year. I am happy to say that I am optimistic and confident about the future based on the progress made and the increased support from customers.

I would like to thank Steve Warburton for his contribution of prizes for fundraising, Diane Portwine for catering our hall bookings and covering the bar in the absence of the centre manager or to support Sarah on busy nights, Carl Johnston for keeping the accounts up to date and Mike Stilgoe for running 6 classes a week for Bembridge Shotokan Karate Club. I would also like to thank all committee members for their support with their time and contributions and not least our centre manager Sarah Portwine, without whom much of what we have achieved would not be possible.’

  1. Apologies for absence

Ken Marston

Tina Bishop

  1. To receive and consider the accounts for the year April 2015 – March 2016

The committee received the accounts for the BYCC and CIC for the year April 2015 – March 2016. Treasurer Carl Johnston reported an increase in turnover for the CIC which is due in part to better attended events. The BYCC has received a management fee of £6,600 from the CIC; a discussion was had about changing the categories on the BYCC accounts to be more in line with the monthly reports produced by the treasurer.

  1. CIC Report

Director Steve Warburton presented the following report:

‘As a Director of the CIC I am pleased to present my report on the accounting year 2015/16. We have had an eventful year with a new Chairman, Vice Chairman and treasurer, we have introduced EFT to the bar via Paypal and we have introduced a catering service which is growing in popularity. For example, last year we catered for an RNLI function, football presentation and several birthday parties and christenings.

All of this helped the CIC bar to outperform the previous year in sales, posting an increase in sales of £4273 which equates to a 9% increase YOY, this is on top of a £12,366 and 29% increase during 2014/15. This has produced a 40% + increase in turnover over a 2-year period which is fantastic.

I would like to report that Sarah Portwine’s continued input into both the everyday operation of the centre and the planning and delivery of some great events has been fantastic and pivotal in making the CIC the success it is.  I would like to thank her for all her hard work and efforts to produce another great set of sales figures. I would also like to thank Di, especially for the catering service and everything else she does at the centre. I could not imagine the place without her there.

Despite payroll increasing significantly due to increase in turnover as a % it remained stable in comparison to last year.

2015/16 came in at 25% and12,186

2014/15 came in at 24% and £9,890

Our target however was 20% which I believe we must aim for whilst budgeting for further wage cost increases.

Nett Profit

2015/16 came in at 12% and £6786

2014/15   came in at 15% and £6254

I believe we should be proud of many things achieved here; increased sales, a well-managed bar, increase in party style bookings, weekly lifeboat nights, our catering service and our first wake to name a few. However, I still believe to put us on a firm standing we must focus at least once a quarter on our costs and retails to continue to produce a profitable operation. The importance of making more profit can easily be seen in the recent need for a new glasswasher for example. We also still need to increase the number of people trained with personal licences to reduce the vulnerability we face in depending on Sarah’s good health and continued employment. Without them it is in essence just a waiting game before all the wheels fall off.

Finally thank you to all of the committee and the wider community who help to promote and use this venue to operate to its maximum potential. We must do all we can to keep our trading profits increasing. Let’s look forward to another successful year.’

  1. Election of officers – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

All officers stepped down and Sarah Portwine temporarily chaired the meeting.

Bill Bristow proposed Theresa Martin be elected as Chairman, seconded by Mike Stilgoe.

RESOLVED: Theresa Martin was elected as Chairman of the BYCC Management Committee.

Bryan Jones proposed Keith Cook be elected as Vice Chairman, seconded by Sally Pigot.

RESOLVED: Keith Cook was elected as Vice Chairman of the BYCC Management Committee.

Diane Portwine proposed Carl Johnston be elected as Treasurer, seconded by Steve Warburton.

RESOLVED: Carl Johnston was elected as Treasurer of the BYCC Management Committee.

Theresa Martin proposed Diane Portwine be elected as Secretary, seconded by Keith Cook.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine was elected as Secretary of the BYCC Management Committee.

  1. Election of trustees

Chairman Theresa Martin proposed a block vote to re-elect trustees of the BYCC management committee, seconded by Diane Portwine.

RESOLVED: Theresa Martin, Keith Cook, Carl Johnston, Diane Portwine, Bill Bristow, Sally Pigot, Tina Bishop, Steve Warburton and Bryan Jones will continue as trustees of the BYCC management committee.

RESOLVED: Ken Marston, Mike Stilgoe and Bryony Davis will remain co-opted members of the BYCC management committee.


  1. Questions from the public

None received

  1. Date of next AGM

Wednesday 24th May 2017at 7pm in the lounge bar.