AGM Minutes 20th May 2015



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Annual General Meeting

Held on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden (Chairman), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Carl Johnston (Secretary), Sally Pigot, Bill

Bristow, Theresa Martin, Ken Marston, Keith Cook, Mike Stilgoe and Sarah Portwine

Also present: Diane Portwine

  1. Opening remarks and welcome-Chairpersons report

Chairman Shaun Burden welcomed everyone to the AGM and read the following report:

‘This year has been a continuation of the success that I acknowledged in my report at last year’s AGM. The centre has gone from strength to strength and has established a reputation as a family centre across the island. This is wholly due to the hard work and enthusiasm shown by Sarah and the devotion of the trustees and all the committee members.

This year we have seen the refurbishment of the lounge bar which has resulted in the area looking warm, comfortable and welcoming. LED lights have been installed in the hall which will result in long term financial savings. Murals and paintings from local artists now hang in the hall and we have seen an increase in bookings for wedding receptions and other functions. Following the great success of the petanque team last season a new court has been constructed outside the lounge bar. We hope that this will be used and supported by everyone in the community. Last summer we held a fete within Steyne Park, there was a host of activities and live music into the night. This raised around £2000 but more importantly raised awareness for the BYCC.

I will not be standing for re-election as Chairman this year. I feel more then confident in the knowledge that the present committee wil l continue to develop and grow this important village facility. The BYCC was part of my youth whilst I was growing up in the village and I feel proud that thus integral part of Bembridge continues to be part of the youth of the village today. I wish you all every success on its continued growth and success.’

The committee thanked Shaun Burden for his contribution to the BYCC.

  1. Apologies for absence

Steve Warburton and Alan Morris.

  1. To receive and consider the accounts for the year Jan 2014.:…. March 2015

The committee agreed to accept the first 12 months ofthe BYCC accounts and to consider the complete 15 months set of accounts at the next meeting. Treasurer Tina Bishop read the following report:

‘Final accounts for the BYCC were received today but only for the period from Jan-Dec 2014 when the Committee had agreed at last year’s AGM to run the accounts for 15 months to end on the 31st March to bring them in line with the CIC Accounts. Klark, our Accountant is now reviewing the final three months and will amend the accounts accordingly and have them ready for collection for the middle of June.

We started the last fmancial year with a BYCC bank balance of £17861.39 and closed the year at the end of March

2015 with a figure of £12538.02. For the restricted funds permission was agreed from the IW Council to transfer the

£700 carried over for a table tennis table to karate equipment and Mike is looking to hopefully purchase these items very soon.


We set up the CIC accounts on the 1st April for all bar income and payments and as at the end of March the balance on this account is £6154.75 so adding these two bank account balances together at the end of this financial year


This year we have continued to be proactive in reducing the Centres energy bills by investing in energy saving lighting for tbe hall, purchased new furniture for the bar at a cost of £2500 and a Mural for the hall for £460. The variety of different classes and activities goes from strength to strength bringing in income of over £13000 to the end of March


The bar produced a healthy profit of £5475 which will be used to upkeep the cost of the BYCC and after the first year of trading the Committee need to decide how much of this to transfer across from the CIC account.

Financially with tbe Summer Festival, Halloween, Bonfire and Christmas events, our first wedding reception and other ongoing fund raising events, we continue to show that we are in a stable financial position with our turnover increasing on an annual basis.’

  1. Secretary’s Report

Secretary Carl Jobnston read the following report:

‘Public Liability Insurance: The insurance policy for the centre has been reviewed and renewed for the coming year

2015-16 and remains as offering sufficient cover for the centre. With the exception of the summer festival where we

will need to make a one off payment for increasing cover in order to cover attendance levels up to 2000 people from the current level of 1000. This one off payment is likely to be in the region of £50- £75. The policy was renewed through our broker Norris and Fisher and underwritten by Ansvar at a cost of £81 0.04p.

All fire risk assessments were reviewed by myself and found to be valid with only one exception. The current plan of

the building does not contain the cooking facilities in the kitchen area. The committee need to decide whether we have a new plan of the centre drawn up including the kitchen facilities or whether we amend the existing one in the fire risk assessment document. Extinguisher checks and emergency lighting checks will continue to be carried out by Wight Fire Service as and when required by regulatory requirements. Emergency Procedure poJjcy has been reviewed and is valid with only a minor change to be made. The location of the water main stopcock and main electricity isolator need to be added so hirers know where they are should they require to use them in the event of an emergency.

The Health and Safety policy was last reviewed in December 2014 and is due for review in December 2015 and having reviewed it myself in the interim it is found to be satisfactory with no amendments or additions required. A building maintenance check is required which will be carried out by myself and S. Portwine in the next month. Any issues found will be presented at the first committee meeting following the check for a decision on any maintenance required.

Financial Regulations policy was last reviewed and signed off by the committee in March 2011. As such a copy has been circulated to committee members for approval as they all seem to be valid with the exception of the requirement for dual signatories on cheques. This may not be relevant today where email trails allow one signatory with email authorisation on payments such as direct debit. The committee should review the financial regulation policy for amendments to be made and signed off for the next meeting following the AGM.

Payroll Policy review: The previous payroll policy was last reviewed in March 2011 by the committee and subsequently was not consistent with the current payroll process for the Trust’s two employees. The treasurer has kindly reviewed

and updated the policy to reflect the procedure as it exists today and so is now recorded as the current payroll procedure

for employees of the Centre.

PRS I PPL Music Licence: The PRS Licence was reviewed for the Centre and we have managed to obtain a substantial reduction in our charge for this. Due to the fact that the licence is taken in the name of the Centre and is based on the income for the Hall rental we have secured an annual cost for our music licence of £264. The centre was previously paying an annual charge of £945. We now have a credit on our licence account of £681. Going forward this means we will not need to pay a licence fee for the at least two years where we would have been paying nearly £2000 in the same time!!

New Electricity Contract: Following feedback from the committee members on the proposed new electricity supplier contract we have signed to a three year fixed priced tariff with our existing electricity supplier e-on. These were the cheapest alternative on a price comparison quote and by switching to a direct debit payment we should reduce our annual bill by circa 6% or better with our new lighting system.


DBS Checks for volunteers: I have signed up with The Riverside in Newport for them to act as our umbrella organisation for DBS checks in the future. Currently we have identified Sarah and Mike as requiring DBS due to working with minors on a voluntary basis via Mike’s karate club. The charge for volunteers through the Riverside for DBS checking is free. Once the riverside have accepted our application they will contact us as to what is required from Sarah and Mike in terms of documentation etc.

Last but not least, in my role as Secretary, I am required to ensure quorum for all committee meetings and as such would ask all committee members to address our immediate problem of lacking a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer, l hope this problem won’t exist after the AGM but if so we will need to rectify the situation as soon as possible.’

  1. CIC Report .

Director Steve Warburton was not in attendance so Centre Manager Sarah Portwine read his report:

‘The CTC Bar outperformed the previous year considerably, posting an increase in sales of £12.366 which equates to a

29% increase. This was despite having the months of April November and March trading down on the previous year, due to cancelled or rescheduled events.

2013/14                 2014/15                  £ +/-                %+/-

April 2870.00 2571.23 -298.77 -0.12
May 2310.90 3233.20 922.30 0.29
June 2320.05 4112.50 1792.45 0.44
July 1877.15 5712.40 3835.25 0.67
August 3183.90 5394.80 2210.90 0.41
September 2016.35 3241.70 1225.35 0.38
October 2544.30 3793.15 1248.85 0.33
November 3562.22 2623.55 -938.67 -0.36
December 2986.85 3248.85 262.00 0.08
January 2023.35 2976.95 953.60 0.32
February 1550.60 3474.15 1923.55 0.55
March 3661.57 2891.00 -770.57 -0.27
Total 30907.24 43273.48 12366.24 0.29

It is clear that the major events held at BYCC and Steyne Park accounted for the large monthly swings posted above. Including during July and August, the very successful Summer Festival and Festival of Sport on the positive side, the cancelled Fireworks and Easter Festival on the minus.

I would like to report that Sarah Portwine’s input into both the everyday operation of the centre and the planning and delivery of some great events has been fantastic and pivotal in making the CIC the success it is. Iwould like to thank her for all her hard work and efforts to produce such a great set of figures.

The Bar posted an operating profit before wages of 41% & £16.839. This equates to £1403 per calendar month, and

£323 a week.  It is fair to say that there has been a reluctance to increase the retail prices at the bar, due to “Value” being one of the main trading cornerstones of this venture. During the year we have absorbed several supplier cost increases. This has undoubtedly bad a significant impact on the operating margins. We have raised the prices recently.

Payroll              2014/15 came in at 24% & £9,890

Nett Profit          2014/15   came in at 15% & £6254

Sales +29%


Payroll 24%
Nett 15%


I believe there are 6 very clear objectives:

  1. To aim for a further 10% increase in sales levels achieved in 2014/15
  2. To increase the major events by at least one more during the year, to spread the risk of weather affected events.
  3. To increase the amount of Adult party bookings significantly, as these have such a major impact on the sales at the bar, compared to other bookings.
  4. To increase the number of local group nights, for example …. Football Club Awards Nights, again a great sales


  1. To react promptly to each and every cost price increase to achieve and maintain a gross margin of at least 50%
  2. To aim to increase the Centre Managers pay whilst maintaining the Payroll% of20%

Although a great set of figures has been produced, and things are looking good for our first year as a CIC. I believe it will be prudentto resist from any more major non-essential spending at all. This is due to the low weekly turnover and the high risk of things not going quite to plan with weather conditions affecting major events. We need to build up sufficient funds to ride out these troughs. We also need to increase the number of people trained with personal licences to reduce the vulnerability we face in depending on Sarab’s good health and continued employment. These can either be bank staff, committee members or volunteers. Without them it is in essence just a waiting game before all the wheels

fall off.

We also need to deliver some potential things planned for this year that will further increase the sales at the CIC bar. These include, Karaoke Night, Darts Tournament, Some Tbemed Nights & possibly a Bembridge Has Got Talent Night. These must be delivered and should all go some way to achieve the trading levels we need to be successful.

We also have to navigate through the current situation of finding a new Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer.  We require the help of a!J the committee and the wider community to help promote and use this venue to operate to its maximum potential. We must do all we can to keep our trading profits increasing. Let’s look forward to another successful year.’

  1. Election of officers-Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

All officers stepped down, Shaun Burden, Alan Morris and Tina Bishop had previously submitted in writing that they did not wish to stand as officers of the committee again.

Bill Bristow proposed Theresa Martin be elected as Chairperson, seconded by Mike Stilgoe.

RESOLVED: Theresa Martin was elected as Chairperson of the BYCC Management Committee. Car!Johnston proposed Keith Cook be elected as Vice Chairman, seconded by Mike Stilgoe. RESOLVED: Keith Cook was elected as Vice Chairperson of the BYCC Management Committee. Mike Stilgoe proposed Car!Johnston be elected as Treasurer, seconded by Tina Bishop. RESOLVED: Carl Johnston was elected as Treasurer of the BYCC Management Committee.

Bill Bristow proposed Diane Portwine be elected as Secretary, seconded by Sally Pigot.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine was elected as Secretary of the BYCC Management Committee.

  1. Election of trustees

Chairperson Theresa Martin proposed a block vote to re-elect trustees of the BYCC management committee, seconded by Diane Portwine.

RESOLVED: Theresa Martin, Keith Cook, Car! Johnston, Diane Portwine, Bill Bristow, Sally Pigot, Tina Bishop and

Steve Warburton will continue as trustees of the BYCC management committee.

RESOLVED: Ken Marston and Mike Stilgoe are eo-opted members of the BYCC management committee. RESOLVED: Shaun Burden and Alan Morris will be removed from the list of trustees held by the Charity’s Commission.

  1. Questions from the public

None received

  1. Date of next AGM

Wednesday 25th May 2016