Meeting Minutes 10th December 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 10th December 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden (Chairman), Alan Morris (Vice Chairman), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Carl Johnston (Secretary), Keith Cook, Ken Marston, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow, Bryan Jones, Mike Stilgoe and Sarah Portwine




  1. Apologies for absence

Steve Warburton

Theresa Martin


  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed by Chairman Shaun Burden.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

The Parish Council have approved moving the petanque terrain to be adjacent with the BYCC; this will be done in February 2015.  Alan Morris suggested using the soil that will be dug out for the new terrain to cover the old terrain.  Shaun Burden suggested asking some local businesses with digging equipment etc if they will help with the installation of the new terrain which will help to reduce the cost.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden will ask local businesses if they will assist with the installation of the new petanque terrain.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Tina Bishop has completed the transfer of £2966.20 from the CIC account to the BYCC account as previously discussed.  She has also processed wages for December early so staff can be paid before Christmas.  The CIC has performed well over the past 7 months, Mike Stilgoe asked about future financial targets and a discussion was had about potential to increase the CIC turnover with increased private hire functions.


  1. Christmas Event

Shaun Burden and Keith Cook will be going around the village and residential homes with Santa, the carol singers and brass band.  The singers will only perform in the village weather permitting and the brass band will only be performing at the residential homes.

RESOLVED: The carol singers will perform outside Lane End Shops from 11am to 11:45am and then in the village from 12pm to 12:45pm with Father Christmas.  Father Christmas will then visit the residential homes with the carol singers and brass band; 1pm at The Limes, 1:45pm at Inver House and 2:15pm at The Elms.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will buy 3 tins of sweets for Santa to take around the village.


The Village Partnership have kindly donated £300 to the Christmas event which will pay for children’s entertainers Dazzle and Fizz (£250) and the brass band (£50).

Sarah Portwine will set up the BYCC the night before the Christmas event with the yurt for Santa’s Grotto and stalls including Bembridge Football Club, Bembridge Scouts, the Art Group and the petanque team.

Alan Morris will distribute the envelopes containing the 3D Christmas trees to the children at Bembridge Primary School for the Christmas tree decorating competition which will be judged at 4pm during the Christmas event.

RESOLVED: Sally Pigot and Bill Bristow will judge the Christmas tree decorating competition.  Steve Warburton will be donating a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the competition.

The fireworks display that was cancelled on 8th November has been rescheduled for 5:30pm on Saturday 20th December which will coincide with the end of the Christmas event.  The Parish Council have requested that the concrete area outside the BYCC is kept clear as Jubilee Fireworks need to use it as an access point to Forelands Field.

Tom Law will be helping behind the bar from 2pm until 6pm and Bryan Jones will help Shaun Burden set up Santa’s sleigh on the morning of the Christmas event.

A Christmas tree has been put up outside the changing rooms in Steyne Park and Shaun Burden will be putting lights on the tree before the event.


  1. LED panels for hall

The management committee received the following email from Sarah Portwine prior to the meeting detailing the final quote from Low Power Solutions to replace the lighting panels in the hall:

As discussed at the last meeting, the installation of LED panels in the hall will save the BYCC around £500 per annum in electricity charges.  The following proposal from Low Power Solutions Ltd will be included on the agenda for the meeting on Wednesday 10th December for the management committee to vote on.


LED panel 600 x 600 mm (high brightness)   £70 x 18 = £1260

Day electrical installation                                 £250

Zip tower hire and delivery                              £60


Total cost to BYCC                                              £1570


The proposed installation will take place in January 2015 when payment of the zip tower hire (£60) and electrical installation (£250) will be required.  LPS are prepared to accept an interest free 12 month payment plan for the LED panels of £105 per month beginning in January 2015, therefore the total payment required in January 2015 will be £415 then payments to LPS will be £105 per month for the following 11 months.


There was a discussion about the proposal, Mike Stilgoe explained that the panels can be moved if there are future alterations to the hall as part of the 5 year plan and will be brighter than the current panels.  There was a further discussion about the possibility of installing solar panels on the roof of the BYCC in the future.

A vote was taken to proceed with the emailed proposal, Bill Bristow proposed, Keith Cook seconded.

RESOLVED: The BYCC management committee voted unanimously to proceed with the email proposal for the installation of LED panels in the hall at a cost of £1570.




  1. Proposed refurbishment for hall and lounge

Sarah Portwine presented the following proposal for discussion:

In the last 2 years the BYCC has successfully introduced community events throughout the year and built the lounge bar business as well as seeing an increase in weekly classes.  Although private hire for functions has increased I believe that by improving the overall appearance of the community centre, coupled with our very reasonable hire fees, we can increase private hire even more.  I would like to have at least one private hire function every week and this in turn will also improve CIC takings.

The BYCC has financially grown in the last 2 years:


30/11/12 – £17,847.64

30/11/13 – £19,736.11

30/11/14 – £20,956.75


We need to move forward and improve where we can in order to increase the usage of the community centre.


–          Original quote from 1st4Electrical for £300 is now reduced as the heaters are working so only having new disco light installed and the old ones removed (£200), this payment has previously been approved via email.

–          In order to improve the overall appearance of the hall firstly looked into an indoor marquee effect with material hanging from the ceiling and walls but this was viewed as impractical and potentially a fire hazard.

–          Secondly, looked into having the hall repainted in 2 colours (suggested upper green and lower white) and re-glossing the doors in the hall.  Richard Buckley (painter and decorator) quoted £2300 and Paul Fincham (painter and decorator) spoke to me informally before he went into hospital and he would only be a few hundred pounds cheaper.

I suggest we keep the hall magnolia as many of the private functions have colour schemes and therefore there wouldn’t be a colour clash, I can re-gloss the doors and the walls are easy to re-touch when marked.

We could break up the blandness of the walls in the hall by having an artist paint designs onto 4 sections of wall that are representative of the community centre , this will also give the impression of breaking up the space.

As the paintings currently in the hall represent Bembridge the walls need to represent the community centre and give the hall a modern feel.  Charlotte Mennie is an island artist and illustrator who has designed ad boards that were displayed in Selfridges as well as illustrating a children’s book for an American author and is currently painting designs in Ryde Ice Rink.  For £460 she will paint 4 different designs in the hall and the column in the lounge bar (see designs).


I believe this is a cost effective way to modernise and improve the appearance of the hall, therefore making it more appealing to potential hirers for parties etc.




–          Firstly, I would like to move the TV to another wall so when sporting events are shown they can be viewed without people walking in front of it when they come in or are standing at the bar.

–          I would like to buy some large frames that hold a collection of photographs (around £15 each) so I can put together collections for the summer festival etc and break up the walls with these as the pictures are currently a bit sparse.

–          The most notable feature of the lounge is the furniture which is too dark for the rest of the décor.  The chairs are also uncomfortable as they’re not upholstered and overall it is old fashioned pub furniture.

I would like to replace the furniture in the lounge with something more appropriate and therefore improve the appearance.  I believe by doing this we can improve the bar business and the private hire for the lounge, particularly if we want to advertise that we can accommodate wakes.  The lounge needs to feel more comfortable and look more appealing.  The bar is small so by using poseur/pedestal tables it can create the illusion of an extended bar area with more bar stools (see plan).

I have thoroughly researched the cost of new furniture and currently the best quotes are:


2 Poseur tables, 7 Padded high back stools, 4 square tables, 16 padded chairs (see plan)


Trent Pottery = £2185.32

Pub Stuff Ltd = £2416.45                  PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY


I have asked Glen Walker to find out details of furniture suppliers his pub clients use as he refits pubs and bars.  Steve Warburton has also asked Martin Bullock if he’ll let him know who he buys his furniture from but these pub groups receive discounts as they buy in greater quantities.


The main discussion points regarding the hall refurbishment proposal were that the illustrator’s designs on the walls need to be subtle, in pastel colours, so they don’t dominate the hall and a way of covering them must also be put in place.  The committee agreed to keep the hall magnolia and if Sarah needs help with glossing the doors then other members would help to put a working group together.  The committee were presented with first draft designs from the illustrator and will need to see the finished designs in colour.


The committee were given pictures of the proposed new furniture for the lounge from 2 furniture suppliers along with prices and a plan of the layout.  It was agreed that moving the TV and putting up additional pictures would be an improvement.  A discussion was had about possible ways of disposing of the current lounge furniture.  It was agreed that the furniture from Pub Stuff Ltd was preferred.  Sarah Portwine suggested that the refurbishment be completed at the same time as the petanque terrain (February 2015) so the BYCC can hold an open evening to promote the facilities.


Treasurer, Tina Bishop, summarised the following as being the total approximate expenditure in January 2015 for new projects if the committee approves the hall and lounge proposal:


Karate club equipment (grant funds already in BYCC account)       £700

Payment to LPS for installation of LED panels in hall                      £415

New petanque terrain  (if volunteers unable to assist with works)     £1500

Illustrator’s designs in hall and lounge                                               £460

New lounge furniture (Pub Stuff Ltd quote)                                     £2416.45

                                                                                                Total:              £5491.45

A discussion was had about the need to move forward and even after this expenditure the BYCC and CIC accounts will still have a combined total of approximately £14,500.  Chairman Shaun Burden asked for a vote to be taken to agree to spend approximately £5,500 on new projects for the BYCC, proposed by Alan Morris and seconded by Bill Bristow.

RESOLVED: The BYCC management committee unanimously voted to spend £5,500 (approx.) on the proposed new projects for the BYCC.


  1. Any other business

A brief discussion was had about a new logo for the BYCC and whether a competition could be held to find a new design.

Secretary Carl Johnston updated the committee on his progress with DBS checks for Mike Stilgoe and Sarah Portwine.

The committee agreed to pay the centre manager a Christmas bonus of £200 and thanked her for her work during 2014.


  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 21st January at 7pm in the BYCC lounge.