Meeting Minutes 18th September 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the Management Committee

Held on Thursday 18th September 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden (Chairman), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Keith Cook, Ken Marston, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow, Theresa Martin, Alan Morris, Carl Johnston and Sarah Portwine



  1. Apologies for absence

Mike Stilgoe

Diane Portwine


  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed by Chairman Shaun Burden.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Meter readings of the energy costs of the hall ceiling lights have been recorded and Mike Stilgoe will present the results at the next meeting.  Ken Marston expressed concerns about the efficiency of LED lights; this will be discussed at the next meeting when Mike Stilgoe is present to answer any further questions.

The Festival of Sport on Sunday 24th August was a success with around 100 children attending over the course of the day, definitely like to make this an annual event.


  1. Appointment of new committee members

Alan Morris and Carl Johnston would like to join the BYCC Management Committee as trustees.

RESOLVED: Alan Morris and Carl Johnston will be members of the BYCC Management Committee and issued with trustee packs by the secretary.

Shaun Burden proposed Alan Morris to be Vice Chairman of the management committee, seconded by Bill Bristow.

RESOLVED: Alan Morris is Vice Chairman of the BYCC Management Committee.


  1. Christmas Event

The attached document ‘Christmas Event 2014’ had been emailed to committee members in advance by Sarah Portwine and points were discussed.

RESOLVED: Bembridge Christmas Fayre will be held on Saturday 20th December.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden will ask Dave Betteridge if he will allow us to use his vehicle to transport Father Christmas and his helper around the village and care homes, as last year, as well as using his snow machine.

RESOLVED: Carol singers and the brass band will perform at the care homes with Father Christmas, as last year, if weather permits they will also perform in the village.  Shaun Burden will organise the brass band at a reduced donation as they are not performing at the BYCC this year.

RESOLVED:  Sarah Portwine will organise the yurt for Santa’s Grotto and gifts for the children.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will enquire into the cost of entertainment prior to the arrival of Father Christmas at the BYCC including Dazzle and Fizz entertainers.

RESOLVED: No programmes will be organised this year and due to possible bad weather all stalls etc will be inside the BYCC.

RESOLVED: No need for evening entertainment as last year proved to be more of a daytime event.

RESOLVED: The BYCC will sell hot drinks and cakes from the kitchen, no hot chestnuts this year.

RESOLVED: Sports teams and the scouts will be asked if they wish to have a stall in the BYCC.

RESOLVED: Ken Marston will purchase a skittle set from the charity shop in the village that the BYCC can set up as a game stall on the day.

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will look into setting up a human fruit machine with the petanque team.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden and Alan Morris will ask the Village Partnership if they wish to contribute financially towards the event.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden and Alan Morris will look into outside Christmas lighting for the BYCC.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine proposed a 3D Christmas tree decorating competition for the children at Bembridge Primary School and in the village, using 3D cardboard 16cm trees at a cost of 28p each.  Alan Morris will take the details to the school to ask for approval to issue the trees to the children.


  1. Any other business

Alan Morris outlined the plans for the Steyne Park Project including an outdoor gym, tennis court, running track, cricket nets, tree planting, youth football pitches, wildlife garden, CCTV, parking and drainage.  He proposed that the BYCC need to consider their part in this project, for example whether the building could be made bigger, and a 5 year plan for the BYCC.

RESOLVED: Management committee members will discuss a 5 year plan for the BYCC at the next meeting.

Alan Morris asked if the BYFC could use the BYCC kitchen when they have home games.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will issue BYFC with a key to the BYCC for use of the kitchen when they have home games.

Sarah Portwine asked to purchase a small banner to advertise the new BYCC karate club.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will purchase a banner to advertise the karate club.


  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 29th October 2014 7pm