Meeting Minutes 13th August 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 13th August 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden (Chairman), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Keith Cook, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow, Theresa Martin, Steve Warburton, Mike Stilgoe and Sarah Portwine.



  1. Apologies for absence

Ken Marston


  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved and signed by Chairman Shaun Burden.


  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Diane Portwine contacted the IWC concerning the grant money and it is transferable from table tennis to karate.

The BYCC will not have a darts team for season 2014/2015.

The Parish Council will continue to organise the Firework event and the BYCC will take over the running of the Christmas event.


  1. Treasurer’s report

Tina Bishop presented the accounts for July of this year for both the BYCC and CIC.  Internet banking is in place for the CIC and wages will be paid by bank transfer.

The CIC now requires a separate petty cash.

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will set up petty cash of £100 for the CIC.


  1. Low Power Solutions Quote

A discussion was had concerning the new quotes e-mailed to the BYCC management committee from Mike Stilgoe of Low Power Solutions.  The BYCC management committee agree the hall lighting needs to be replaced and there is the possibility of obtaining £1000 from a Parish Asset Grant in April 2015 to go towards the cost.

RESOLVED: Mike Stilgoe will arrange a meeting with Sarah Portwine to take more detailed meter readings of electricity usage of the hall lights in order to calculate potential savings per annum and present findings at next meeting.

A discussion was had concerning other requirements at the BYCC including a new bar fridge and oven repairs.  Shaun Burden proposed looking into improving the overall appearance of the hall area.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine to organise quotes for potential improvements to the hall as well as a new bar fridge and oven repairs.


  1. Bembridge Summer Festival – Feedback

The BYCC management committee congratulated Sarah Portwine on a very successful day.  Sarah Portwine reported the turnover for the festival was £4262.80, after expenses of £2230.38 the BYCC raised £2032.42, the biggest expense was the stage.  No complaints were received concerning the day and all stallholders enjoyed the event.  The IWCP did a half page feature on the event.  Sarah Portwine said she has written on behalf of the BYCC thanking all the businesses who contributed.


  1. Festival of Sport

This event has been organised by Glen Walker from BYFC and Sarah Portwine and will be held on Sunday 24th August 2014.  The purpose of the day is to promote sport to all and encourage people to participate in new sports with emphasis on youth.  Demonstrations have been organised by Vectis Rugby Club, Wight Trash and there will also be football, cricket and petanque.  The event is free entry and food will be sold by the BYCC.  The BYCC license requires 2 SIA staff to be in attendance and there is a small advertising cost of £100 for banners and flyers.  Shaun Burden will present the pitch fees to BYFC and match footballs to BFC which have been provided by BYCC.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will purchase medals for the participating children, book SIA staff and the BYCC will also cover the advertising costs of £100.


  1. Any other business

Shaun Burden informed the management committee that Alan Morris would like to join the BYCC management committee and become a trustee.


  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 29th October 2014 7pm