Meeting Minutes 16th July 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 16th July 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden (Chairman), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Keith Cook, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow, Theresa Martin, Steve Warburton, Mike Stilgoe and Sarah Portwine.



  1. Apologies for absence Ken Marston


  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Minutes approved


3. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Unfortunately the BYCC has been unable to find a replacement to run the table tennis club at the BYCC.  There is still a £700 grant from the Isle of Wight Council in the BYCC account which was due to be used to purchase a new table tennis table.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine will contact IWC concerning this grant money and whether it is transferable or needs to be returned.

The BYCC have not formed a Darts team but Keith Cook is still trying to sign up players.


4. Co-opting of new committee member

Shaun Burden proposed the co-opting of Mike Stilgoe onto the BYCC management committee and this was seconded by Bill Bristow.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine will provide Mike Stilgoe with details about becoming a trustee of the BYCC.


5. Treasurer’s report

Tina Bishop presented the accounts for May and June of this year for both the BYCC and the CIC.  The CIC account is showing a profit and currently does not require a loan from the BYCC.  Still waiting for Lloyds Bank to change the CIC address from Ken Marston’s to the Steyne Park address.  The website fee has now been paid by Shaun Burden and he will be reimbursed £20.16 by the BYCC.

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will investigate the possibility of setting up a direct debit for the website fee for next year.







6. CIC Report

Sarah Portwine presented the following report to the management committee:

Bembridge Centre CIC has been operational now for 3 months and we are continuing to build the trade in the Lounge Bar.  From 1st April to 30th June 2013 the lounge bar turnover was £7500.95, 1st April to 30th June 2014 the bar turnover was £9916.93, an increase of £2415.98 on last year.  With a marked increase in usage I am confident that the lounge bar trade will continue to grow, opening Sunday evenings has proved successful and the continued support of the local sports teams has helped to boost the bar takings.


As centre manager, I have continued to promote not only the lounge bar but the BYCC itself, the facilities are advertised on the community TV in the village, we have a growing following on the BYCC Facebook page and the BYCC website is kept up to date, keeping people informed about upcoming events, weekly classes and the facilities available for private hire.


The BYCC has gained 4 additional classes in the last 3 months including dog training and street dance for children and I am hoping to add to that in the coming months including starting a BYCC Karate Club for children.  Private hire is also on the increase including a wedding reception in May 2015 and enquiries for 2016!! I have events planned for the remainder of the year including Bembridge Summer Festival, Festival of Sport (in conjunction with Glen Walker and BYFC), live music in September, Halloween Horror and hopefully another Christmas event as well as our New Year’s Eve party.  The BYCC will also be providing football training for children for 4 Saturdays during August in conjunction with Steve Hunt Soccer.


I believe that through the continued efforts of myself and the management committee the BYCC will continue to grow in popularity and become the social centre of the community as it was always intended to be.

The BYCC management committee and CIC director congratulated Sarah Portwine on all her hard work.


7. Low Power Solutions Quote

Mike Stilgoe from LPS is concerned that the quality of the light panels originally quoted for are insufficient for the BYCC needs.  The new quote to replace the hall lighting panels will be £1780.96 which is approximately £200 more than the original quote.  The interest free repayment scheme would now be over a 9 month period instead of 12 months due to the delay.   RESOLVED: Mike Stilgoe will email quotes to the management committee for lighting replacement at the BYCC to be discussed at the next meeting.


8. Karate Club

Mike Stilgoe would like to start a Karate Club that will be affiliated to the BYCC for ages 8 and upwards, he has previous experience of this and a current DBS check.  The BYCC insurance policy does not cover martial arts but Mike Stilgoe can be insured as an individual running the class.  Some equipment will be required to start the class including mats at a cost of approximately £24 for a 1 metre square mat.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine proposed that the BYCC proceed with setting up a Karate Club, this was seconded by Bill Bristow.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine will look into adding martial arts to the BYCC insurance policy when it is due for renewal next year.




9. Bembridge Youth Football Club

A letter has been received from the BYFC Secretary thanking the BYCC for the donation of football training equipment to the club.  BYFC are entering 2 teams for the season 2014/2015, the Parish Council pitch fees are £400 for both teams.  Sarah Portwine has spoken to the Head Coordinator of BYFC and the club are currently seeking sponsors to help with the club finances.  Sarah Portwine asked the management committee if they would consider paying the pitch fees for the BYFC.  A discussion was had that this was an excellent youth project to contribute towards and the BYFC are making efforts to fund themselves as well.

RESOLVED: The BYCC will pay the £400 pitch fees for the BYFC for their first season, proposed by Shaun Burden and seconded by Diane Portwine

A discussion was had regarding additional funds for training fees for children in care at the BYFC but it was felt that the BYFC need to refer to the parents and relevant authorities regarding this issue.


10. Cricket Club use of BYCC

Bembridge Cricket Club use the kitchen facilities in the BYCC for their match teas, due to the increase in private hire bookings on Saturday’s occasionally there is a clash with kitchen usage.  There is a kitchen facility in the changing rooms in Steyne Park that has not previously been available for use by the cricket club for their teas.

RESOLVED: Bill Bristow will investigate the possibility of the cricket team using the kitchen facility in the changing rooms when required.


11.Computer Courses

Computer courses will continue but only one course per week from 11am until 1pm on Tuesday’s as of 9th September 2014.


12. Fireworks Night

Shaun Burden has suggested to the Parish Council Clerk that the BYCC should take over the Fireworks event and Sarah Portwine has also discussed this with the clerk.  The BYCC would like to run this event but would need to put a proposal forward to Bembridge Parish Council for them to consider due to the financial outlay involved in this event, therefore, this year the Village Partnership will continue to run Fireworks Night.

RESOLVED: A possible proposal to take over the Fireworks Night event may be discussed at a later date.

A discussion was also had about this year’s Christmas event.

RESOLVED: The BYCC is happy to participate in or take over the running of the Christmas event.


13. Artwork in hall

John Board’s art class and Penny Watts, a local artist, have produced 6 pictures free of charge to be displayed in the BYCC hall.  Centre Manager, Sarah Portwine, asked the committee if it would be possible to purchase a plaque with the artist’s names for display with the pictures in the hall as well as flowers for the artists.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will purchase the plaque and flowers, proposed by Shaun Burden and seconded by Sally Pigot.






14. Bembridge Summer Festival

There will be an advert for the festival in the County Press on Friday 18th July and Andrew Turner

MP and High Sheriff Claire Locke will be opening the event.  Shaun Burden will be showing the MP and High Sheriff around the festival and introducing them to people involved with the BYCC such as the football team managers etc.  Emergency event plans were distributed and there will be a meeting at the BYCC on Friday 18th July at 7pm to go over last minute details for those that can attend.  Sarah Portwine (event co-ordinator) had prizes and rosettes etc on display in the lounge bar for the committee to view.


15. Any other business

The Pet Show part of the Bembridge Summer Festival was originally due to be organised by Keith and Alreena Cook but due to ill health Sarah Portwine (event co-ordinator) took over the organisation of the Pet Show, nominating Theresa Martin as Pet Show Manager on the day of the event.  Keith and Alreena Cook had asked Pam Young and Jillie Wheeler to judge the Dog Show and Sarah Portwine had changed the judges to Carol Wild and Theresa Martin.  Keith Cook expressed his disapproval of this decision being made without consultation with the committee and asked for an explanation.  Sarah Portwine stated that due to Jillie Wheelers dog dying a few weeks previously she felt it would be inappropriate for her to judge a Dog Show as she may find this upsetting so she emailed Jillie Wheeler thanking her for the offer to judge the Dog Show but that volunteers involved with the BYCC would like to judge instead.  Sarah Portwine felt that Pam Young was over qualified to judge a fun Dog Show so she contacted Pam Young by telephone and thanked her for her offer to judge but volunteers involved with the BYCC would like to judge instead.  Sarah Portwine stated that as event co-ordinator she felt she was able to make this decision without consulting the committee as according to the Bembridge Summer Festival minutes it is the financial decisions that require the consultation and approval of the BYCC management committee.


16.Date of next meeting

Wednesday 13th August at 7pm in the BYCC Lounge Bar