Meeting Minutes April 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 16th April 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 6.30pm

Present: Shaun Burden (Chairman), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Keith Cook, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow and Theresa Martin.



  1. Apologies for absence

Sarah Portwine and Ken Marston


  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

RESOLVED: Polly Bareham (cleaner) has a new contract of employment.

RESOLVED: Bembridge Centre CIC’s application has been approved and returned from Companies House and registered at the BYCC address.

RESOLVED: New computer has been purchased for the office. The remainder of the grant will be spent on cartridges, photo paper and spare mice.

The Parish Council have not provided a replacement for Carol Doe, this is ongoing.

Minutes approved. Chairman signed office copy.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Tina Bishop provided figures for the month of March 2014

A discussion was had concerning payments by cheque. Fewer places accept them and cannot be used for payment online.

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will apply for a debit card from the bank for purchases online etc.

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will arrange for payment of Polly Bareham’s (cleaner) salary to be paid by Direct Debit/BACS.

Payment for the Web Space is due

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will set up an annual direct debit to pay for the website.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine to contact to notify them of a change of ownership, the website was set-up by John Osborn and the annual payment was made by credit card and then reimbursed.


  1. Bembridge Centre CIC  update

The application for a bank account has now been completed and given to the bank.

RESOLVED: The BYCC will loan £5,000 interest free to the Bembridge Centre CIC payable over 24 months at £250.00 per month

RESOLVED: Retaining working capital in the Bembridge Centre CIC bank account should not exceed £5,000

RESOLVED: All decisions concerning Bembridge Centre CIC will be made by the BYCC Management Committee, whom the Directors of the Bembridge Centre CIC are members.

RESOLVED: The BYCC management committee unanimously agree with the Bembridge Centre CIC remit.

Diane Portwine has received an insurance quote of £327.46 for Bembridge Centre CIC.  The BYCC annual insurance renewal is due in May 2014 and the quote is £851.63 which is approximately the same as last year.  A discussion was had concerning the insurance and Diane Portwine is to negotiate with the current insurance provider and others if necessary.


  1. Steyne Park Project  update

A meeting was held at the BYCC on Wednesday 9th April 2014 and a committee was formed.

Diane Portwine and Keith Cook have joined the committee. Bill Bristow is also on the committee as a Parish Council representative. The next meeting is Wednesday 30th April 2014 at the BYCC.


  1. Table Tennis

Unfortunately Jim Hall has decided not to continue running the table tennis club on Thursday evenings. Alan Morris, as a Governor of the local school, will make enquiries if any of the parents would be willing to run the club.

RESOVED: Diane Portwine to place adverts in the local papers and online asking if anyone would be interested in running the table tennis club.


  1. Low Power Solutions proposal

This is a proposal to replace all the ceiling panel lighting in the main hall and the tube lights in the toilets.  The overall cost is £1,897.15 and Mike Stilgoe of Low Power Solutions is happy to offer interest free financing over 12 months payable by direct debit which equates to £158.10 per month.

RESOLVED: To accept the Low Power Solutions proposal.


  1. Car Boot Sales

RESOLVED: The BYCC will not hold car boot sales this year as we do not have the volunteers.


  1. Any other business

Keith Cook informed the management committee that the area darts finals will take place at the BYCC on Saturday 24th May 2014 and a new BYCC darts team is in the process of being formed.

Shaun Burden would like to approach the sports teams that use the BYCC and ask for a representative to join the management committee.

Shaun Burden proposed a re-launch of the BYCC by having an open day possibly on Saturday 5th July.  Shaun Burden proposed that the petanque is moved to an area alongside the BYCC and Diane Portwine will approach the parish council regarding this matter.

Bill Bristow would like to see a film club at the BYCC and he will research this and report back to the committee.


  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 11th June 2014 at 6:30pm