AGM Minutes 19th March 2014




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Annual General Meeting

Held on Wednesday 19th March 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden, Diane Portwine, Tina Bishop, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow, Alan Morris, Theresa Martin, Sarah Portwine, Steve Warburton and Ken Marston.



  1. Apologies for absence

Keith Cook

Jim Hall


  1. Opening remarks and welcome – Chairperson’s report

Shaun Burden welcomed everyone to the meeting and read the following report:

‘This has been an extremely challenging, yet probably the most progressive, year in the recent history of the BYCC.  Sarah has continued to promote the facilities tirelessly and it is due to her enthusiasm and passion for this centre that we have seen an increase in footfall and bookings throughout the year.  I didn’t understand Facebook or social networking until Sarah introduced me to the world of cyber invitations!!  We held very successful and well attended events throughout the year, Halloween particularly comes to mind when the centre was filled to capacity with ghouls, witches and ghosts!  This was closely followed by Christmas and New Year family events, which were all extremely well supported by the community, both local and island wide.


The bar area has showcased many local bands and singers throughout the year and the crown for the monthly quizzes have been fought ferociously for by the entered teams.  The football teams use the facilities during their many fixtures and we are grateful for their continued support.  Ben Bishop headed a ‘Reckers’ petanque team for the first season last year.  It was very successful and I know that Ben already plans to achieve more this year.  These petanque matches have done much to raise the profile of the BYCC and allow other clubs from across the island to see just how much we have to offer.


We had a change of Chairman recently and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike Bulpitt for his hard work, much of it entailed thankless paper chasing and fine detail work behind the scenes.  It would be remiss of me not to recognise publicly the real stalwarts behind the revival of your community centre.  There are some real troopers involved in the running and organising of this establishment and I would like to personally thank and acknowledge their huge efforts.  The committee and the trustees are the reason that we have been able to successfully apply to become a limited company.  This will allow us the freedom to do more fundraising and hold more events then previously, we are now able to open our doors more freely and appeal to a wider audience.


I would like to thank Alan Morris, Ken Marston and Steve Warburton for their invaluable advice and experience in enabling us to complete this very complex and arduous procedure.  We have some really exciting events already planned for this year and I ask for the support from the whole community to enable us to help the BYCC to continue to move forward.  We raised the money to build this centre when we were children, we must protect and ensure that this facility remains a vibrant and well-loved establishment for the community of Bembridge both now and in the future.’






  1. To receive and consider the accounts of the year January 2013 – December 2013

Copies of the accounts were made available to all at the AGM and Tina Bishop read a Treasurers report for the last financial year:

‘Final accounts for last year were received today and all is ok, showing an annual turnover of around £47,000.  We started the last financial year with a bank balance of £17,567 and closed the year at the end of December 2013 with a figure of £17,861.39 leaving us with total funds made for the year of £294.39.  Although at the end of the year we still had £1992.40 of specific allocated funds to spend, these restricted funds were achieved mainly from a Big Lottery Fund grant of £7050 for which we purchased several laptops, printer etc. and provided training courses which have been well attended and successful.  Out of this grant at the end of the year we carried over £1292.40 spending £360 for further training courses in February 2014 and £600 for further computer equipment in March 2014.  Last year we also received a grant for £700 from the Isle of Wight Council for a table tennis table that we will be looking to hopefully purchase very soon.


Energy costs were high at £4691.89 as we inherited an outstanding bill of nearly £2,000 from the previous financial year which we then had to clear alongside the normal year’s energy costs.  This year we have been very proactive in trying to reduce the centres energy bills and we will continue to take this forward.  We have had a good year with many hirers using the BYCC facilities for a variety of different classes and activities, bringing in income of over £8,000.  The car boot sales in the summer raised around £1,000.  The bar has produced a profit for 2013 of around £2,000 which has helped towards the cost of up keeping the BYCC.  Financially we have shown that we are in a stable position to move forward and pave the way for more fund raising and hosting new events with the aim to cover the extra cost of employing a permanent Centre Manager.’


  1. Election of Officers and Trustees

Alan Morris temporarily chaired the meeting while a new Chairman was elected.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden was elected as Chairman of the BYCC Management Committee, proposed by Ken Marston, seconded by Bill Bristow.

Shaun Burden continued to chair the meeting and asked for nominations for the position of Vice Chairman.

RESOLVED: Sally Pigot proposed Bill Bristow, seconded by Ken Marston so Bill Bristow was elected as Vice Chairman of the BYCC management committee.

A block vote was held to re-elect the Treasurer, Secretary and trustees of the BYCC Management Committee.  The block vote was proposed by Bill Bristow and seconded by Sally Pigot.

RESOLVED: Tina Bishop is the Treasurer of the BYCC Management Committee.

RESOLVED: Diane Portwine is the Secretary of the BYCC Management Committee.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden, Tina Bishop, Diane Portwine, Keith Cook, Jim Hall, Sally Pigot and Bill Bristow will continue to be trustees of the BYCC.

RESOLVED: Theresa Martin and Steve Warburton are co-opted members of the management committee of the BYCC.

RESOLVED: Ken Marston is currently a co-opted member of the management committee of the BYCC and would like to become a trustee.


  1. Questions from the public

None received.


  1. Any other business

Bill Bristow informed the committee that the application for a small asset grant to help purchase darts equipment was refused by the Parish Council as they have exhausted their small grants budget.

A discussion was had about changing the financial year for the BYCC to start 1st April 2015 to bring us in line with the limited company accounts.  Bill Bristow proposed the change which was seconded by Tina Bishop.

RESOLVED: The next financial year for the BYCC will begin in April 2015, Tina Bishop to oversee this transition.


  1. Date of next AGM

Wednesday 27th May 2015