Meeting Minutes 19th February 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes



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Meeting of the Management Committee

Held on Wednesday 19th February 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Centre from 7pm

Present: Shaun Burden (acting Chairman), Diane Portwine (Secretary), Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Keith Cook, Sally Pigot, Bill Bristow and Jim Hall.


Also present: Ken Marston, Steve Warburton, Theresa Martin and Sarah Portwine.




  1. Apologies for absence

None received


  1. Approval of the minutes from the last meeting

Approved – Shaun Burden is still in the process of reviewing the contract of employment for Polly Bareham.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

RESOLVED: Computer courses provided by the BYCC are now complete and new courses are underway which are being hosted by the BYCC but the tutor is charging students independently.

RESOLVED: Electricity bills are continuing to be paid monthly by cheque, Diane Portwine is taking meter readings on a monthly basis.

Another signatory is required for the BYCC bank account after the resignation of Mike Bulpitt.

RESOLVED: Ken Marston will be the third signatory on the BYCC bank account.


  1. Limited Company Report

The BYCC is currently waiting for approval of CIC application for bar from Companies House.


  1. Fundraising for 2014

Sarah Portwine outlined the events currently in place for 2014 which include a New Year’s Eve Party, Halloween Horror night in October, and live music in March and a Darts Competition in April.

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden will report back at the next committee meeting when the Village Partnership will be holding Fireworks Night and the Christmas Event this year.

A discussion was had about other possible events for the year.

RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will organise an Easter Party for families on Saturday 19th April.

The Parish Council has granted the BYCC permission to use Steyne Park for car boot sales again this year (every Saturday starting 7th June until 30th August).  A discussion was had as to whether this would be a worthwhile fundraising activity as private hire of the BYCC will mean that we will be unable to sell food when the car boot sales are held, lack of volunteers to run the car boot sales may also be an issue.

RESOLVED: A decision will be made at the next management committee meeting as to whether the car boot sales will go ahead this year.

The Parish Council has granted the BYCC permission to use Steyne Park on Saturday 19th July for a large scale fundraising day including stalls and music.  Sarah Portwine will be organising this event and requested that those wishing to help attend a meeting to discuss the plans.

RESOLVED: There will be a meeting on Wednesday 5th March 2014 to plan the summer fundraiser.


  1. Computer equipment – restricted funds

RESOLVED: Shaun Burden will consult Alan Morris regarding the computer grant and how the BYCC can spend the remainder of the restricted funds.


  1. Any other business

RESOLVED: The Secretary has received a letter of resignation via e-mail from Carol Doe resigning as a trustee and a member of the BYCC management committee.

The Parish Council will have to nominate a third Parish Councillor to replace her on the management committee.


  1. Date of next meeting

The BYCC AGM will be held on Wednesday 19th March 2014 and then the Secretary will inform the committee of the next management committee meeting after the AGM.