Meeting Minutes 29th January 2014

BYCCMeeting Minutes

TEL NO: 07756 296249/01983 873311
Meeting of the Management Committee
Held on Wednesday 29
January 2014 at Bembridge Youth and Community Cent
re from 6.30pm
Present: Shaun Burden (acting Chairman),Diane Portw
ine (Secretary),Tina Bishop (Treasurer), Keith
Cook, Sally Pigot, Carol Doe, Bill Bristow, Shaun B
Also present: Ken Marston, Alan Morris and Theresa
Before the meeting could commence it was necessary
to elect a new Chairman, Bill Bristow proposed
Shaun Burden which was seconded by Keith Cook. The
vote was unanimous and Shaun Burden is now
Chairman of the BYCC Management Committee.
Apologies for absence
None received
Approval of the minutes from the last meeting
RESOLVED: Amendment required to the minutes of the
meeting held on Thursday 9
January to
include number of working hours (20) approved by co
mmittee for Sarah Portwine, as well as stating
the nature of the contract of employment.
RESOLVED: Minutes approved with included amendment.
Co-opting of new committee members
Diane Portwine proposed Theresa Martin as new a man
agement committee member, seconded by
Tina Bishop, unanimously agreed.
RESOLVED: Theresa Martin is a member of the BYCC Ma
nagement Committee.
Treasurer’s Report
Tina Bishop provided figures for the month of Decem
ber 2013 and the year ending 31
RESOLVED: Tina Bishop will itemise the figures in m
ore detail in the future.
RESOLVED: Diane Portwine to contact auditor Klark P
helan about 2013 books.
Limited Company
After a great deal of discussion Bill Bristow propo
sed that the BYCC form a limited company to
run the bar only, seconded by Sally Pigot, unanimou
sly agreed. Diane Portwine proposed that Ken
Marston be a Director of the limited company, secon
ded by Bill Bristow, unanimously agreed.
RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine has agreed to continue wor
king for the BYCC until the limited
company has been formed. Her hours will be 20 per
week with approved overtime from her line
manager Shaun Burden.
A discussion was had regarding the job description,
job title and salary for Sarah Portwine on
commencement of her employment with the limited com
pany. Keith Cook proposed that Sarah
Portwine should be paid a salary of £10,000 per ann
um for a contract period of 1 year with no
overtime and this was seconded by Shaun Burden. 5
voted for and 1 against.
RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine will be paid £10,000 per a
nnum for a 1 year contract with the limited
company hoping to commence on 1
March 2014.
RESOLVED: Sarah Portwine’s job title will be Centre
Manager and her job description and
contract of employment will be circulated to the co
mmittee by Shaun Burden.
The BYCC Management Committee is fully aware of the
financial risk undertaken by them by
paying this salary to the Centre Manager.
RESOLVED: Shaun Burden will investigate the contrac
t of employment for Polly Bareham.
Any other business
RESOLVED: Jim Hall has passed the BIIAB training co
urse that the BYCC paid for him to attend.
Jim has agreed verbally that he will pay for his DB
S check and personal licence application (the
secretary relayed this information).
RESOLVED: The BYCC will donate 25 leftover presents
from Santa’s Grotto to a Romanian
orphanage at the request of Paul Wray.
RESOLVED: The BYCC petanque team (Bembridge Reckers
) will apply for money at the
Dragon’s Den event on Saturday 15
February to pay for outside lights.
RESOLVED: Secretary to organise advertisement for t
he BYCC AGM which will be held on
Wednesday 19
March at 7pm in the hall at the BYCC.
RESOLVED: There will be a meeting at the centre on
Tuesday 4
February for those involved in
setting up the limited company to discuss the artic
les of association and the secretary will report
back at the next management committee meeting.
RESOLVED: The secretary will inform the necessary o
rganisations regarding any changes to the
BYCC i.e. the limited company.
Date of next meeting
Wednesday 19
February at 7pm in the lounge at the BYCC.